Generator Trading Service

Horng Cheng provides generator trading services. Generators can solve the potential crisis of power outages in the environment, reduce losses caused by power outages, and reduce the risk of industrial safety accidents caused by mechanical equipment due to power outages. Electricity sites are located in remote villages or where Taipower cannot supply, and it is also necessary to use diesel generators for power supply for a long time.
Horng Cheng has a generator testing laboratory approved by the National Certification Foundation TAF, which is impartial, legal and credible. We have our own factory with more than 1,000 square meters of factory area, from manufacturing to one-stop service, including customized design, case planning, and on-site construction. There are maintenance bases and professional maintenance personnel in the north, middle, and south of Taiwan.
The product specifications are complete, and it also has the ability to customize products. Multi-control system customization capabilities, we have British, Turkish, and Taiwan-made controllers that can be configured and also provide mobile APPs for remote monitoring of generator sets according to your needs. The main controllers of general products are British-made, with CE and UL certification, and excellent quality.
Gasoline Generator
Diesel Generator
Dedicated Generator
Portable Light Tower