Generator Rental Service

Renting generators can solve the potential crisis of power cuts in the environment, reduce losses caused by power outages, and reduce the risk of industrial safety accidents caused by mechanical equipment caused by power outages. Customers who need electricity can also rent them.
Hongcheng specializes in providing generator rental and regular maintenance and inspection services for rental units. Our factory has nearly 600 generators ranging from 5 to 2000kw, which is higher than the rental industry in Taiwan. We have all the specifications that can be used. Product specifications complete. There are service bases in the north, middle and south.
In the generator rental industry, we have won support and praise from customers for the high quality of Japanese engines, and our rental share in the Japanese diesel engine generator market in Taiwan has been increasing year by year.
Our lease term can be in days, months or years. We can also help to add diesel oil, depending on whether we add oil before renting, or how many liters of oil we provide, and add to the liters at that time when you leave the lease.
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