Backup power for power outages, blackouts, etc.

With decades of experience, Hongcheng specializes in the production of generators. In addition to directly importing generator sets from well-known brands such as Japan, Europe and the United States, it can also meet customers' customized orders. Import customers specify well-known brands of engines and alternator heads. And accessories made into special generators to meet your needs.
In addition, Hong Cheng is more dedicated to the research and development and testing of technology. Since its establishment, the products developed and produced by the company have been highly praised by customers for many times, and have also successfully obtained patent certificates and third-party certification units.
Not only that, every link from power system design, integration, manufacturing to sales and after-sales service is guaranteed by professional technology and perfect quality, and provides customers with the most reliable power protection through a fast technical service network.
When there is a power outage or blackout, backup power is particularly important. The main business of Hongcheng power generation equipment includes buying and selling and leasing. You can click on the project you are interested in for more detailed descriptions and product information.
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