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National Accreditation Foundation (TAF) as a consortium legal person: To promote the international certification of various domestic verification institutions, inspection institutions and laboratories in various fields, establish evaluation standards for the quality and technical capabilities of domestic verification institutions, inspection institutions and laboratories, and combine professional manpower evaluation and application ability test are used to certify various verification agencies, inspection agencies and laboratories, improve their quality and technical capabilities, and devote themselves to talent training and information promotion, strengthen certification credibility, expand international markets, and enhance national competitiveness.

Horng Cheng has invested in the R&D and manufacturing of generators. At present, it has the ability to manufacture generators with loads ranging from 2 to 2000 (kW). In 2017, it invested tens of millions of dollars to build a standard testing environment and generator testing system that conform to the international standard TAF laboratory. Passed the TAF certification, which represents quality and technical ability, showing strong R&D strength and determination, so that customers can better understand Hongcheng's professionalism and quality persistence.