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Generator Type


A generator refers to a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. It is driven by a water turbine, steam turbine, diesel engine or other power machinery, and converts the energy generated by water flow, airflow, material combustion or nuclear fission into mechanical energy and transmits it to the generator, and then converted into electrical energy by the generator.

Generators are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and daily life. There are many forms of generators, but their working principles are based on the law of electromagnetic induction and the law of electromagnetic force. Therefore, the general principle of its construction is to use appropriate magnetic and conductive materials to form magnetic circuits and circuits that conduct electromagnetic induction with each other to generate electromagnetic power and achieve the purpose of energy conversion.

The generator products provided by the company are mainly divided into four categories:

  1. Portable Generator
  2. Common Generator
  3. Standby Generator
  4. Dedicated Generator

1. Portable Generator

  • Product Description: The company's portable definition is light in weight and easy to obtain fuel. It can also take off and land with general transportation without a crane. The fuel is 92 unleaded gasoline, which can be achieved in an emergency or when temporary low-power electricity is needed.
  • Product Power: 2kW-10kW
  • Scope of Application: electricity for engineering, fish farms, homes, stalls, camping, small computer rooms, and offices.
  • Reference Catalogue: HC-2000i, HC8000i series, HC13000E series.

2. Commonly Used Generators

  • Product Description: The company's commonly used generators are defined as those with a non-annual running time of less than 250 hours. The commonly used generator sets are usually equipped with Japanese brand diesel engines, which have the advantages of easy access to maintenance and repair parts and low cost. , and the steel base, lubricating oil, water tank, and sound box of the common generator set are designed to be long-term use structures, which can be used by customers at high frequencies for a long time.
  • Product Power: 15kW-2000kW
  • Scope of Application: engineering, electrical room, fish farm, electronic technology workshop, telecommunication room, refrigerated storage, logistics center.

3. Standby Generator

The standby generator usually needs to be operated together with the ATS automatic transfer switch. When encountering a power failure, the automatic transfer switch will send a signal to the generator set to start automatically, and after the standby set is stabilized, the switch will automatically switch to the generator side for power supply. When Taipower comes, the automatic switch will switch the switch to Taipower side first, and when the cooling time of the standby group expires, the generator set will automatically stop and stand by.

  • Continuous monitoring of utility power.
  • The widest range of applications.
  • Product power: 15-2000kW
  • Scope of Application: home, factory, electronic technology workshop, fish farm, telecommunications room, refrigerated storage, logistics center, commercial center, office, department store, building, ranch, etc., the most widely used.

4. Special-Purpose Generator

  • Product description: The special-purpose generator set refers to the most suitable generator type specially designed for a certain customer group, because the general-purpose generator set is not suitable for every customer group, although the power and voltage can meet. However, the usage conditions, functions, and environmental conditions are quite different. Horng Cheng generators have more than 30 years of practical experience, which enables us to have the ability to develop. After we receive continuous feedback from the customer base, we then develop a "specialized generator set", so that our customers can use it with more peace of mind, more comfortable.
  • Reference catalog: Special generators for refrigerated containers, special generators for telecommunications.