Questions About Buying and Selling

How to choose a generator?
First of all, it is necessary to know the information such as the use voltage, number of phases, and current (ampere) of the use site, and choose the appropriate unit, which can not only save costs, but also create the maximum benefit of the unit. The most important key is to include the equipment starting current into the An important consideration, the starting current is often overlooked by ordinary customers, which leads to the lack of horsepower of the purchased unit.
How to choose a generator size?
Power calculation formula when three-phase electricity is used - power (kW) = 1.732 * voltage (V) * current (A) * power factor (PF)/1000
Note: PF is usually calculated as 0.8. If you are not sure, please contact us.
How many kilowatts (kW) is a kilovolt-ampere (kVA)?
The most common generator power label on the market is kilowatts, especially European and American brands are almost all labeled as kilowatts, but the labels on Japanese units are almost all labeled as kVA, which may cause differences in units in use. Simply provide the conversion formula as 1 kilowatt = 0.8 kVA.
How many kW is the HP horsepower?
1HP is about 0.7456kW, and we will take it to the third decimal place when calculating, that is, 1HP is about 0.746kW. If anything is unclear, please contact us.
Generator type
The type is simply divided into open type and soundproof type, and we also have some customers with special needs, we also provide special models to meet customer needs.
What is Standby Power?
It refers to the maximum amount of electricity that the generator set can generate, generally refers to the amount of electricity that can be generated during overload operation. Overload execution is not allowed at any time, and only continuous execution is allowed within 12 hours and the cumulative amount cannot exceed 1 hour.
Ex: The rated power is 400KW, which means that the generator set can run continuously for about 12 hours with a load of 400KW. The standby power is generally 1.1 times of the rated power. The continuous time of the generator set according to the standby power load cannot exceed one hour. , then the standby power is 440KW, which means that the unit can load up to 440KW, but under the condition of 440KW load, it cannot exceed 1 hour continuously.
What is Prime Power?
It refers to the rated power output of the generator within 12 hours, when the generator is in the state of "just right", and the operating hours of the generator set are not limited. 10% overload capacity can run for 1 hour in 12 hours.
How do I know how many liters of diesel the generator needs per hour?
The fuel consumption information provided in the original technical data of the diesel engine must be based on the general indication unit is L/H, and the fuel consumption will also vary with the size of the load. If you are unclear, please contact us.
How to Choose a Diesel or Gasoline Generator?
Gasoline generators are generally only used for small and portable types. At present, our company only provides the maximum capacity up to 13kVA. When choosing diesel generators, general customers will consider the storage of fuel and the output capacity from 10 to 2500kVA, which is also the most common customer choice. The options to choose, if there is anything unclear, please contact us to discuss the selection of the applicable unit.
What is ATS?
The functions of the ATS automatic power switch are: 1. A power circuit switching device that switches the load line from one power source to another. 2. When encountering power failure or power failure, it can automatically start the backup generator to supply power; and when Taipower restores power, it will also automatically shut down the backup generator and restore the Taipower power supply to ensure that the equipment has a complete backup power system. ATS automatic transfer switches are widely used and are often used in emergency power supply systems in hospitals, banks, shops, telecommunications, buildings, military facilities and other places. ATS can also be used with diesel generator sets.