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1000 Square Meters
More than 1,000 square meters of professional factory production - the main factory is located in Kaohsiung, and there are professional service factories in Taichung and the north to provide perfect services for customers in the north, middle and south Taiwan.
600 Rental Units
More than 600 rental units - there are more power units such as 5-2000kw for customers to use, and the number ranks among the top three in the country.
1 One-Stop Service
One-stop service - One-stop service from case factory planning to manufacturing and on-site installation engineering.
TAF Certification
TAF certification - has the certificate of qualified "generator testing laboratory" issued by the consortium legal person certification laboratory.
In recent years, Horng Cheng has been actively expanding overseas markets, bringing Taiwan's generator manufacturing technology to the international market, setting up professional maintenance workshops and training excellent technicians locally. Provide customers with a more complete range of power specifications.
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2022 / 08 / 24
Taipei International Cold Chain Technology Exhibition
Date: 2022/8/24(Wed) - 8/27(Sat)
2022 / 02 / 14
share with electricity
Recently, I have received a lot of requests from major factories and refrigerated logistics and warehousing operators to provide professional backup generator planning.
2021 / 01 / 21
mobile diesel light car
"Wow! What is this shiny thing like a jellyfish? It's so beautiful!"