HCPOWER refrigerated container generator set

2024 / 02 / 15

In a transportation environment where space is at a premium, it is crucial to ensure that the goods in the refrigerated container continue to maintain an ideal temperature. "Hongcheng Generator HCPOWER" is proud of its dedicated refrigerated container generator set to provide a full range of energy for your business. solution.

Our generator sets are based on reliability and efficiency to ensure that your refrigerated containers are always in a stable low temperature state. With efficient and environmentally friendly Japanese Kubota diesel engines, advanced control display technology and quick maintenance design, our power generation The unit delivers outstanding performance in any conditions.

At the same time, our generator sets have also passed the certification certificates of relevant vehicle inspection centers. Choosing our dedicated generator sets for refrigerated containers is the best guarantee for efficiency, reliability and legality on the road.

Contact us today to improve the safety and reliability of your cold chain transportation!

Refrigerated container generator

Refrigerated container generator