Gasoline Welder ELEMAX SHW190
Diesel Welder Denyo DLW-300LS, SHINDAIWA DGW310MD
Horng Cheng adopts imported electric welding machines from Japan, and its product features include:
  • Slim body and easy maintenance design
  • The utilization rate is 100%
  • With anti-electric shock function and continuous short circuit protection function
  • Low noise, low fuel consumption
  • Product Specifications
  • Service Features
  • Rental Process
  • Why Choose Horng Cheng?
  • Precautions
Unit Type Frequency Generator Specifications Welder Specifications Use Fuel
Output Power The Output Voltage Fuel Tank Capacity Fuel Consumption Output Power Rated Current Rated Voltage Adjust the Current Range
SHW190 60 2.5 110 17 3.27 3.64 140 26 50-190 gasoline
DLW-300ES 60 9.9 220/110 36 2.37 8.74 280 31.2 30-300 diesel fuel
DLW-300LS 60 11.4 220 36 2.34 8.74 280 31.2 30-300 diesel fuel

Free Consultation on Rental Specifications

Provide customers with more than 30 years of professional generator design experience.

Simple Procedures

There is no need to sign a cashier's check or mortgage documents. You can lease by signing a contract and presenting relevant documents.

Core Quality High Quality

The core engines are all internationally renowned brands, with perfect after-sales service and warranty.

Convenient Maintenance Service Network

The maintenance service network is spread all over Taiwan, which can troubleshoot the customer in the shortest time.

24-Hour Service Hotline and Online Reservation

Professionals will help you with your rental and purchase needs.

Temporary Electricity Is Guaranteed

The total number of self-operated units exceeds 500 units, which can be flexibly dispatched to serve customers.

Step 01

Make An Appointment / Negotiate

Telephone reservation/ In-counter reservation/ Internet reservation

Step 02

Rental Demand

Confirm power consumption, output voltage, rental time and location

Step 03

Phone / Online Reservation

  1. "Confirm specifications" - confirm rental, model, rental location, shipping method
  2. "Information Filling" - Fill in the tenancy agreement and personal information
  3. "Delivery site" - operation method of education site units
  4. "Payment" - payment in accordance with the lease agreement payment terms
Step 04

Point Delivery Unit Status

  1. Check the appearance of the generator
  2. Check if there is diesel in the fuel tank
  3. Check if the diesel oil pipe is connected
  4. The user must confirm the operation steps
  5. Confirm whether the voltage is correct after no-load startup
Step 05

Handover Unit

Handing over the unit (signing the order)

  1. Operating professional generators for more than 30 years, more than 500 self-operated generator sets are among the best in Taiwan, and can be flexibly dispatched to serve customers.
  2. The business project has comprehensive services of leasing, trading, repairing and maintenance, and can also customize customized contracts for customers.
  3. Provide professional design and planning of generator room, and the customized design meets customer expectations.
  4. Provide customized generator set maintenance system design to make future maintenance more convenient.
  5. The core engines of the generator set are all high-standard, high-quality international brands, with complete after-sales warranty services.
  6. The control units of the gensets all use international certified brands, and the gensets can achieve remote control technology.
  7. Provide one-stop service, from planning and design to completion acceptance.
  8. The maintenance service network spreads all over Taiwan, and can troubleshoot the customer in the shortest time.
  9. 24-hour maintenance service line to solve immediate customer problems.
  10. The customer satisfaction rating has been high for more than 3 consecutive years.

Rental Aircraft Guarantee Description

  • In case of unit failure, immediately notify and call for repair.
  • When the unit is called for repair, if it is judged by the company's technicians that it cannot be repaired on site, immediately arrange for a replacement.
  • 24-hour service maintenance line 07-6140004.

Lessee's Responsibilities and Obligations

  • The lessee shall be responsible for keeping the unit and shall compensate for the loss or man-made damage.
  • The rental unit cannot be overloaded.
  • Diesel generators are limited to super diesel, and if they use substandard oil, they must be responsible for compensation for damage to the unit and fines from environmental protection units.

Emergency Handling

In order to protect your rights and interests, if the crew has an accident, theft or accident, please stay on the scene, immediately notify the police unit to deal with it, and please contact the company immediately.

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